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When It Happens To You - click to enlarge cover

When It Happens To You...

by Alice Teeter

Price: $12.95

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Product Details:

ISBN: 978-1-932842-35-7
Publisher: Star Cloud Press
Year of Publication: 2009
Format: Paperback
Page Count: 92

Book Description:

"They're strong, passionate poems... The love poems are plangent, beautiful and somehow painful... these poems [are] alive and pulsing with human feeling unmediated by anything outside the experience they convey..."
—Rhina Espaillat

"...a personal style of writing that is instantly recognizable as uniquely hers... [the collection] is at base ambiguous . . . but simultaneously clear and concrete... there isn't a poor poem, or even a mediocre one..."
—Lewis Turco

"In it [String Theory] there is singing, there is dancing to freedom, dancing to the bondage of the self."
—Emmanuel Sigauke, Munyori Reviews

"The poems in Alice Teeter's String Theory are both playful and daring, integrating the concrete, natural world with the emotional forces of our everyday existence."
—Mindy Kronenberg, Book/Mark Quartertly Review

About the Author:

Author Alice TeeterAlice Teeter was born in Winter Haven, Florida and grew up writing poetry. She is currently collaborating with performance artist Priscilla Smith on a community-based project that explores the intersections between science and art. She co-leads 'Improvoetry' workshops with producer / director / performer / creativity coach Lesly Fredman, using improvisation techniques as poetic inspiration and poetry as a springboard for further improvisation. Alice is a member of Alternate ROOTS, a service organization for artists doing community-based work in the Southeast. She is also a member of the Artist Conference Network, a national coaching community for people doing creative work. She works as a graphic production artist for a marketing services company and lives in Pine Lake, Georgia with her partner Kathie deNobriga.


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